Pair of thick & heavy Mid Century Modern yellow vases, in Murano glass, by Seguso, Italy, 1970s.
Hand blown glass vases, made with Sommerso technique: different layers of glass with contrasting colors; and air bubbles inside glass.
The vintage vases are Yellow at the center and clear around, with air bubbles.
They are almost round, with a thin side. 
Excellent condition.

Mid Century Modern Yellow Murano Glass Vases, by Seguso Italy 1970s

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  • Height: 9.44 in. / 24 cm

    Width: 9.84 in. / 25 cm

    Depth: 3.54 in. /  9 cm

  • Seguso Vetreria, Murano, Italy, circa 1970s.

    Sommerso Murano glass with Pulegoso: air bubbles.

    Excellent condition.

    Sold & priced by pair